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Business Concept

Total Solution

Planning and proposal
MPC operates its business by placing users in the center. MPC understands customer needs from the customers’ point of view, and makes optimal proposals to respond to various business fields based on the company’s broad knowledge and know-how. As a total solution provider from raw materials to finished products, MPC offers solutions for various issues related to paper, printing, and packaging.
EX1. Improves pulp quality by provision of manufacturing technology training for speciality pulp suppliers to provide new and attractive supply sources for customers.
Furthermore, utilizing the integrated capabilities of the Mitsui & Co. group and its strengths in various fields, MPC provides information and services to customers to create and propose new business models beyond its specific field of specialization in paper.

Procurement and manufacturing
Manufacturing and overseas procurement in MPC’s network will allow us to deliver products to customers efficiently and promptly.

Global Value Chain
As a comprehensive paper material suppler, MPC handles paper from raw materials to final products.
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EX1. Delivers base paper procured overseas to a converter in Japan, and subsequent delivery of boxes made from the base paper to major transport companies.

With its know-how and network, MPC utilizes optimal and efficient transportation means and operates its logistics safely and securely in order to quickly deliver products to customers. In international transactions, MPC provides reliable services to domestic and overseas customers through quick and secure import/export operations. Through functions such as small-lot delivery with its own distribution system, efficient IT-based shipping-warehouse management, and overseas warehouse operations, MPC provides superior services.
EX1. Efficient product supply and short-term small-lot delivery through integral management of procurement and logistics of packaging and consumable materials.
EX1. Achieves delivery to customers of the right amount of products at the right time through appropriate inventory management of base paper for corrugated containers.

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Global Value Chain

MPC handles paper from raw materials to final products and provides comprehensive support for customer needs from various perspectives. Also, utilizing the global network of the Mitsui & Co. group, MPC provides optimal services and resources from around the world to satisfy the needs.

Raw material

Overseas Trading Division.

Paper products and packaging materials

First & Second Packaging Materials Division

Corrugated container base paper

First & Second Packaging Materials Division

Printing paper and speciality paper

Overseas Trading Division.

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Various support from the Mitsui & Co. group

With the total power of the Mitsui & Co. group, whose members are involved in various business fields such as retail, mail-order service, automobile, and real estate, MPC can provide multi-field support for customers and suppliers.

Users & suppliers

Mitsui Bussan Packaging, Co. Ltd.

Financial service, Retail service, Apparel, Mail-order, Real estate and construction

Synergy with the Mitsui & Co. group

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