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Message from the President-MITSUI BUSSAN PACKAGING

President and Chief Executive Officer-MITSUI BUSSAN PACKAGING
Our company has changed its name to “Mitsui Bussan Packaging Co., Ltd.” (old name: Bussan Marketing Service Co., Ltd.) and, with 100% investment by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., have become a trading company specializing in paper, pulp, packaging materials and industrial materials, effective from March 1, 2008.

I hope we will grow together with partner companies and customers as an integrated solution provider responding to the wide spectrum of their needs with a combination of the global and highly diverse range of functions of Mitsui & Co.,Ltd., and the specialized capabilities and mobile power of Mitsui Bussan Packaging to the business and industries.

Moreover, we aim at becoming an enterprise which contributes to people and society with our value added functions, and new business development in responding to dynamic change in the world, the rapid growth of newly emerging countries such as BRICS etc., and low birthrate, high life expectancy and anticipated decrease in population in the Japanese market, and by working for the realization of a wealthy life and lifestyle for people, while attaching importance to global environmental problems.

Our business model is to provide proposals for goods, services and business systems which stand out in consumers and customers’ eyes, as well as global value chain deployment from sourcing and development support of raw-materials, product processing and logistics distribution. We will do our best to create a wide variety of value to earn the trust and satisfaction of our partners and customers.

Your continuous support would be highly appreciated.
Aki Hiraga
President and Chief Executive Officer
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