2. Environmental Policy

Mitsui Bussan Packaging Co., Ltd. Environmental Policy

We handle various products in Japan and overseas, from daily necessities to products essential for developing social infrastructure, such as paper, pulp, packaging materials, fiber materials, off-the-road tires, and polished wired glass.

Guiding Principles

We position initiatives tackling environmental issues as an important management issue. Through the development and sale of environmentally-friendly products, all employees are actively working to preserve the global environment for a bright future, while striving to realize a harmonious, prosperous society.

Action Guidelines

  1. We engage in proper environmental management based on the Environmental Policy of the Mitsui & Co. group.

  2. We comply with applicable environment-related laws and regulations, as well as any other requirements on which we have agreed, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.

  3. We promote the development and sale of, and efficient logistics operations for, environmentally-friendly products that accord with the purposes of saving resources, recycling and reusing resources, reducing the use of resources, and preventing pollution, with the aim of preserving the global environment.

  4. We actively promote educational activities for all employees and everyone who works with us, in order to further raise awareness of preservation and enhancement of global environment.

  5. We disclose our Environmental Policy to the general public.

April 1st, 2013
Aki Hiraga
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mitsui Bussan Packaging Co., Ltd.